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Balangan Beach Clean Up February 2011Edit

IMG 0739

big team of Balangan BEach Clean up

This event was held on Balangan Beach, 26th Februarty 2011. Around 15 CSers came and help to clean the beach :). This Idea came to my (Reni's) when I was chatting with one of the CSers from Singapore - Moses Tay. The week before when he was in Bali, we went to Balangan Beach with 2 other CSers. And we found that the beach were so dirty.

So then, I post an event on Bali group that we're going to have a beach clean up at Balangan Beach. And I was suprised that i got many positive sesponses from other couchsurfers. I was so happy :).

So then, I set up an event and around 30 CSers sign up. But apparently only around 15 showed up. But, still we had fun and did a lilttle positive things for the nature at least :). I plan to do this Beach clean up every month on the difference beach. So, son't worry for you who missed the event ;). You can join on the next one!

Balangan Beach Clean Up Link on CS Bali group"

Thanks to: Koen, Leni, Teguh, Agat, Khalil, Inten, Tai, Ronald, Gaby, David, Septy, Dario, Ken!

See ya on the nezt Beach Clean Up!!

Free Hugs Campaign - X'mas 2010Edit

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Jo - CS Singpore

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fitri - cs bali

Juan Mann! is the man who inspired me to do the FREE HUGS CAMPAIGN in Bali. And this is also one the things i want to do in Bali to make other people smile :).

This idea also came out when I went to Thailand, there's CSer sent me a message and asked me to join him to have a free hugs campaign in Bankok. But apparantly the time won't let me join the event because i had to fly to Malaysia. And in malaysia, I met another CSer who did a Free Hugs Campaign there. And right after i came back to Bali, I decided to do it in Bali.

But, it needs around 5 months to me to really make a final decision when ans where do it. Then, in the beggining of December 2010. I decided to do Free Hugs Campaign on X'mas! It's the right time to make people who are celebrating Xmas smile and add a little bit more happiness on that day.

We did 2 session. First was on Kuta Beach during the day and then contnued at Legian st. (in front of the Bombing monument). More than 30 CSer came to participate and more than 300hugs we gave :). Many people smiled and many people thanked us! That was a wonderfull day and night :).